Road safety tips

Whether you're travelling as a pedestrian (by foot), a cyclist (by bike) or as a passenger (by car), here are five key points
to help you be smart and safe on your journey:

  • Walk Wisely
  • Find a safer place to cross
  • Stop, look, listen and think
  • Look out for hazards
  • Traffic can be dangerous
  • Set a good example.
  • Perfect Passenger
  • Always wear a seatbelt
  • Don't distract the driver
  • Get in and out of the car on the side away from traffic
  • Never open doors while the car is moving
  • Understand what "in-car safety" means.
  • Careful Cycling
  • Never mess about
  • Always wear protective gear (i.e. helmet, knee pads and elbow pads)
  • Stay alert and watch for hazards
  • Keep your bike maintained (check the lights, breaks, chain and tyres regularly and make sure it's the right height)
  • Train to be a skilled cyclist.