How to use

The Just a Journey? resources have been designed to be easy to use and flexible, and can be used in a variety of ways to suit your own classroom settings or whole school curriculum approach.


The characters that appear in the scenarios have been developed to cover a wide cultural and ethnic range. In this way every child who encounters these stories should find something familiar to them, with which they can identify and hopefully motivates them to be safe, sensible and responsible citizens.


In creating the scenarios, a cast of characters was created, each with a biographical history, family members, style of living, etc. You can download the biographies created for each character to add depth to the stories. Pupils can create their own stories or develop their own scripts, looking at language and how each character could be portrayed.


Each scenario and activity can be worked through methodically, progressing through the alphabet, or users can dip in and out for specific letters, themes or issues.

The wide range of curriculum areas covered means that they can be used for PSHE or Citizenship sessions; Literacy or Numeracy hours; Science, Guided Reading, History, Geography, ICT, Drama or Art lessons or in Circle Time or could also be introduced as part of a dedicated Road Safety Week.

The scenarios provide an excellent starting point for discussions as a whole class, or children can complete the related activities individually or in pairs. They are also ideal for homework and encouraging parental involvement. Each scenario is accompanied by ideas for extension activities.

Interactive DVD

The interactive DVD's filmed scenarios can be shown to the whole class and paused to stimulate discussion. Scripts based on the filmed scenarios can be read aloud, acted out by the class or, perhaps, used for assembly performances. The interactive games can be played as whole class activities or by groups, pairs or individuals.